Our babies journey home.

Bringing our babies home through adoption from Ethiopia

Uecker photos June 28, 2007

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The Uecker men ( sorry D about your crazy eye photo being posted tee hee)


And the Uecker ladies


and Nate being excited about all this photo taking !!!!



latest musings

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Gosh it seems that we write once a month these days and in a month of infants loads seem to change!!! The twins are growing bigger and bigger (especially Samaya – she has a buddha belly now!!)

We took our first big road trip to Portland for Memorial day to visit some of the cousins. The kids did fantastic in the car (they slept the whole way 🙂 )and loved seeing their Marmie and Papa Tim again and meeting all their cousins. They loved staring at them and having cuddle time.


Then since we have been back home this month we have been keeping ourselves busy by joining loads of clubs!! We are now in a Twins group which is great for information on logistics of twins and fun to see them all together, we are in an new adopted parents group which I love, our good ole Ethiopian adoption group, Gymboree and we start swimming next week!!!! Sounds busy I know but actually all the activities are spread out over the month so it is always a nice break in our weeks. We also visit Cam at work every week which both the kids and I love. They are always amazed to see Dad in the middle of the day and they can’t quite figure out why he is there and not at home 🙂


The kids are hitting milestone upon milestone. They both sit up like champs, Samaya sometimes gets into crawling position but it is usually to reach for a toy to steal from her brother. They both love to babble and say Dad dad dad, ra ra ra, na na na and all those fun combinations. They really have started interacting with each other a lot more too. Samaya thinks Nathanael is hilarious and laughs at him whenever they are near. Nathanael has learn’t to clap and loves to do it over and over but his hands don’t quite make the sound yet so he usually picks up a book and bangs that to make the clapping sound tee hee. Nathanael also loves to sing! If you know me I’m not a singer in public but in the car with just me and the kids I am now known to belt out a tune and Nate loves to sing along! At first I thought it was coincidence but now I have noticed that whenever the radio is up and I am singing he tends to go “ohhh aw ohhhhh” It always makes me laugh.


Our other big adventure has being attempting to have the kids sleep through the night!!! Before we decided to do this we have been getting up 12- 16 times a night with them hence for the last 2 months sleep has been at a minimum for both them and us. Finally we decided it was time. Samaya has been known to get a little mad at times bang things and cry till she throws up, so we were sure we were going to be up for a little of that action. We prepared ourselves with me sleeping in the kitchen (it’s the furtherest room away) with ear plugs and Cam in the front room. But alas on the first time they woke a couple of times and cried for maybe 5 minutes, then the second night they cried twice for 5 minutes and now they sleep through the night grea. All that preparation and they ended up doing so awesome. We are so proud of them!



Visitors and Nursery May 19, 2007

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This week Marti (Marmie is her name that the kids will call her) came to visit and give us a hand. The kids loved having her here and being spoilt by them and I loved having her here for support, advice and extra pair of hands to hold and hug babies.


Papa Tim was also here for 2 days and the kids love to hear him say “Kitty kitty kitty”. There seems to be a perfect way that he says it that they are enthralled by it!!! kidssummer07-067.jpg

I have forgotten to show you all the kids semi nursery ( they sleep in our room but their change table and stuff is in here)

It worked out great actually and was so fun designing!img_0004.jpgimg_0010.jpgethiopia-and-babies-1st-week-003.jpg


Mothers Day

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So I had my 1st Mothers Day and it was perfect. I got to have a sleep in (YAY thanks Cam) and was greeted with 2 happy babies, an awesome card, breakfast and flowers!

I can’t believe that I am a mum. It is such an amazing, humbling, exciting adventure and I look forward to learning new stuff and becoming the parent that I view in my head tee hee. For now we just hang out and go with the flow 🙂 kidssummer07-055.jpgour first mothers day


So much to catch up on!

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too cute all dressed up!Nathanael hanging outkidssummer07-087.jpg

Hi everyone!

Wow, it seems like so much is happening and going on and we hardly have enough time to keep this blog updated. But here is a quick one to give you the highlights, and what we all come for, the pictures!

Nate and Sam are going great. They are sitting up more and more each day, finding their unique voices and every day do something to make us laugh out loud and smile. We’re starting to feel like we’re getting to really know them, know their rhythms, their personalities, their need and individual wants. All that is to say we are all feeling more like a family. Sometimes at 4am I just look at Nate or Samaya (whoever is up at the time) and it just hits me, “we are a family!” It’s amazing.

I am back at work and Min is getting into the schedule of taking care of two babies full-time! Quite a change, but then not a huge leap since at her work she’d take care of multiple sick babies at once. So she’s a pro and doing awesome. It was so hard for me to leave to go to work. It still is. They came to visit me at work on Wednesday and everyone here at the office was so blown away by how cute they are. So that was fun. And true to form they put on their best social faces and really impress the crowd!

They’ve really been making the rounds as Min was to take them into both hospitals she’s worked at since we’ve started the adoption and then they were at my work, so it’s been a busy week for everyone. But all is well, they are putting on weight and babbling and as active as ever.

Thanks for all your prayers and support, we love it! Take care, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll talk to you soon.



Back, with kids! April 28, 2007

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img_0214.jpgimg_0051.jpgimg_0191.jpgimg_0233.jpgimg_0205.jpgHey everyone,

We’re back from Ethiopia and our newest Uecker’s, Nathaneal Mihiretu and Samaya Mihiret are settling in nicely. Sure, sleep is not exactly ours in abundance anymore, but really for the huge changes they’ve gone through they are doing great. We’re quickly trying to figure out a routine for them and it’s coming together and we’re having fun playing and walking the neighborhood with them. They’re a huge hit every place we go.

Ethiopia was amazing. We were with a group of about 8 families adopting as well and we really had a great group of people. We even made friends with two of the nannies at the care center that looked after Nathaneal and Samaya. They would teach us words in Amharic to say to the kids and we’d help them by picking up babies who were crying while they fed the others. There were 12 babies in the room with Nate and Sam, so the nannies had their hands full. But the level of care throughout the center was amazing. The entire staff there was absolutely fantastic. They all love the children so much and know each of them by name.
The trip home was an adventure to say the least. Topped off by having to evacuate our Holiday Inn at Heathrow in London because of a fire! Quite a feat with two kids and nothing packed. Good times!

Anyway here are pics of the kids! Lots of love to you all.



We’re in Addis! April 12, 2007

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A few plane trips later and here we are!  We arrived at about 3 am and were met by Dirige who got us into a van and humoured us as we practiced some basic Ahmaric.  The guest house we’re currently in is ok and today we’re looking forward to seeing the new guesthouse and potentially, hopefully our kids!! 

 Still trying to adjust after the flights and we hope to write more in the coming days.  Til then!